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Older Adults.

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Care For

People With Physically Disabilities.

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Care for people with physical disabilities.

Disability affects one in every five people in the United States - roughly 60 million people. While causes, severity and consequences of disability may vary greatly, many people with disabilities find it difficult to access specialized care for their specific circumstances.

People living with serious disabilities face even greater challenges, from frequent health interventions to struggles with mobility to the challenges of remaining independent. For these individuals, TeamMD can improve life and preserve health.

TeamMD healthcare professionals work face-to-face with each individual.

  • We listen to our patients’ wishes.
  • We work with each person to create unique, personalized goals of care.
  • We help people connect with needed social supports in their communities.

TeamMD provides physician-led teams who work with patients and their caregivers every step of the way to bring our patients the quality of care they deserve.

Older Adults


As people age, high-quality healthcare becomes more and more important to prolong a healthy life and avoid chronic disease. Thanks to medical advancements and improved access to healthcare, our typical life expectancy continues to grow.

But for those who live on a budget with little or no health insurance, or who lack reliable access to doctors and nurses, the aging process is more complicated. When serious illness or chronic health issues arise, good answers and expert help may be hard to find.

TeamMD exists to enhance the health of older adults and honor their lives by keeping them engaged with their families and communities. Our team of care providers includes doctors, nurses and social workers delivering personalized care when and where patients need it. Our goal is to serve patients with the care and help they need to age with dignity and grace, wherever they call home.

We know care needs change as individuals get older. Our doctors and nurses are trained in geriatric medicine – equipped to address the specific health demands of this phase in life. Our collaborative team of professionals has a direct line of communication to hospitals and specialists. This coordination of care improves each patient’s overall health and well-being, reduces costly emergency room visits, and lowers hospital admission or readmissions.

How TeamMD Works.

Face-to-face Relationships.

Our physicians, nurses, and social workers meet with members in their residence, wherever they call home. We get to know them personally and understand their specific needs and situations, now and as their healthcare needs change.

Loved Ones in the Loop.

We engage directly with family members and caregivers to further empower individuals and the people who matter most to their long-term care. We keep caregivers involved, informed, and invested in the care of their loved ones.


When a patient’s health changes, TeamMD serves as the first point of contact. Our physician-led teams address medical episodes quickly, always respecting the needs and desires of the individual first and foremost. We ensure everyone on the healthcare team serves the best interests of the patient.


Our approach is grounded in best practices established by leading physicians. Clinical experience shows that specially trained providers can dramatically improve outcomes for individuals living with limited means and complex medical needs, while at the same time enhancing their quality of life.