By 2030, more than 72 million people in the United States will be age 65 or older – and 60% of this group will have at least one chronic health condition like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, or depression. Many older adults will struggle to access quality healthcare, be unable to afford regular doctor visits, or simply find it impossible to leave their homes to get care.

TeamMD helps older adults and people with disabilities take control of their health so they can live with dignity and age with honor. Our physician-led teams surround members with exceptional care – when and where they need it – so they can live healthier, happier lives wherever they call home.

Who We Serve.

Older adults and people with physical disabilities often have complex healthcare needs that require a coordinated approach to care.

TeamMD provides both healthcare and social service support tailored to individuals with limited means. Our approach surrounds each patient with a team of health professionals — from doctors to nurses, social workers to physical therapists. Working together, patients become empowered to manage their healthcare, enhance their quality of life and stay in their communities with their friends and loved ones.


For older
adult patients

For people aged 65 and older who have one or more chronic conditions or complex medical needs, TeamMD doctors and nurses help navigate the healthcare system and provide in-home care.

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For patients with physical disabilities

TeamMD helps people with physical disabilities manage their own care needs, adapt to living situations and preserve their health.

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Life is
a Journey.

A person’s value doesn’t diminish simply because he or she needs help with their healthcare. When they face obstacles on life’s journey, older adults and people with disabilities deserve compassionate care that comes to them — to have what they need to live with dignity and to age with honor.

TeamMD brings individuals the care and services they need to enhance their quality of life and truly live. That’s our promise.

“Treat every patient like they are your mother or father.”

Dr. Nick Schneeman M.D.chief medical officer

Join Our Team.

We are a community of compassionate professionals striving to make a difference in the lives of elderly patients. Learn about employment opportunities in the communities we serve.

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